Services provided by TSE

Over the years, TSE has provided many different types of services ranging in size from hours to years. Our external clients also run the gamut, from Fortune 500 manufacturers to startups.

Embedded Development

TSE has developed many sorts of embedded software over the years, for equipment large and small.


Sports equipment, livestock health monitoring, slot machines, military communications equipment, patent analysis, toys, data translation ...


Here's what some of our previous customers have said about our chief engineer:

He was and continues to be the engineer I would go to for solving the most complicated engineering problems. Persistence and completeness are watchwords I would apply to his performance...
This guy is a great software developer. He gets the big picture right away and then drills down and fills in the details. He is always concerned with code quality, and it's a pleasure to work in the same code base with him...
I had an opportunity to work in a team where he was the primary Architect and mentor. He was extremely helpful and always provided his guidance and support every time I approached him. His technical, analytical, troubleshooting and problem solving skills are matchless. He is a very honest, dedicated and highly professional individual.

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